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Space Age



I have created packaging designs, illustrations and the wordmark for my friend's makeup brand. Please read the concept and be sure to check the dieline and potw features and interview links, down below.



Space Age is a cosmetics brand that I have designed for my make-up artist friend. The concept is about creating a brand that speaks to all women who feel strong and confident. The brand aims to speak to a technology loving generation and tries to have a more diverse voice by giving the message that you are the most beautiful thing in all universes no matter what other people say. Most cosmetics branding looks the same and try to show the perfect beauty image with their heavily retouched photography and minimal design of packaging. Space Age tries to break the norms by using space themed illustrations on the packaging and on other touch points, speaking to all women who likes to enjoy life and have fun.

I am very proud that this project is published on both and packagingoftheworld. I am also very happy that Dieline featured this project in detail and interviewed with me. You can read it here.