Studio Somon





How can I create an exciting and engaging campaign for the launch of a new bag? Which medium suits the best for the communication of this campaign for a high fashion brand? In this design study, I tried to create something different in the fashion industry which relies heavily on photography. I utilized illustration, character design and 3D rendering to create a whimsical and surreal atmosphere where these imaginary characters tell a different story about the brand's statement about no borders in imagination and creativity, as can be seen in their beautiful clothes, accessories and campaigns.


Marcel Wanders' "Circus" series, Jaime Hayon's "Fantasy Collection" and Alice in Wonderland's guards were the main inspirations for this work.


I have always wanted to create some illustrative designs in 3D with whimsical characters for a fashion brand. After seeing some of the hand purses, bags and clothes of Fendi, I immediately felt the connection between the brand and my imaginative world. As always, I made some research on the brand and then started sketching. I didn't make a through research for the characters, just started drawing, but I always had some kind of fuzzy designs in my head. After sketching and deciding on the designs, I started to model them in modo. I first modeled the individual characters and then put the scenes together with these characters and some props, the logo and the wordmark. After finishing the models, normally I do the UV and texturing also in modo, but this time because I wanted to use Keyshot as the main rendering engine, I exported the scenes directly to Keyshot, placed materials on them, lit the scenes with HDRI and rendered them. Later I made some image adjustments like warming up the color palette a notch and adding the ambient occlusion pass in Photoshop. For the gif animation, I animated them in modo, rendered in Keyshot and created the looping gif in Photoshop.