Studio Somon


Poster and GIF designs for DX3, the annual technology conference in Toronto, Canada.


Project/ These are some of the poster designs I have created for DX3, the annual technology conference in Toronto. This is a personal project in order to improve my generative design skills. I learned and used a new node based generative design tool called NodeBox. I first created generative graphic devices and then combined these with different parameters in different layouts to form the posters. The advantage of this tool is it outputs vectors so these posters can be enlarged as much as I want. It can also create animations frame by frame, which helped me creating the GIFs. The possibilities are endless with this tool.

Keywords/ Generative, node-based, graphic design, posters, GIFs, technology, conference, NodeBox


The Graphic Devices

I created these generative graphic devices first in NodeBox and then formed the posters by combining different devices with different parameters.