Studio Somon
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Digital Art

Digital art for big and small brands to be used as key art or hero image on their marketing materials


Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi is the second largest company in Turkey with a revenue of $6.7 billion. They operate in energy industry. While working for ISection in Istanbul, I was fortunate enough to design microsites and key art for the company.


Topographical Portraits

These portraits were created by using a 2-step process. First, I created a topology effect in Photoshop thus bringing out the difference in lit and shaded areas of the face. Later, I created separate layers from the PS file in Rhino, extruded them and finally rendered in Keyshot. The final color adjustments were again done in Photoshop.



This is an Instagram campaign for the Canadian chocolate brand. 





While working at Pure digital agency, I have created the main hero images to be used on Opet's new website. Opet is the second largest oil company in Turkey.I have created 71 different city illustrations for each city in Turkey, so that when website shows related image based on the user's location. You can see the illustration on the official website.