Studio Somon

Canon EOS 70D

Instagram post designs showcasing Canon EOS 70D’s capabilities suitable for all types of photographers.


Project/ I have created these Instagram posts for Canon Canada to promote Canon EOS 70D camera that show the product's capabilities for all different types of photography. For each type of photography, I created a hero text that symbolizes the environment or feature of that type of photography. In "Underwater" for example, the text is in an undulating motion like real underwater environment. "Macro" has the middle character C enlarged to refer to macro photography. In "Architecture" E is elevated by human beings to refer to built environement. "Nature" has the tearing and wearing by nature, symbolizing untouched natural habitats. N is literally rolling in "Rock'N'Roll and there is a smiling mouth in "People". In "Landscape", we can see the silhouette of a valley. 

Keywords/ Social media, Instagram, digital design, art direction, photography, Photoshop