Studio Somon


Brightmaison is a new established product company based in New York. I have helped them in designing the branding including the wordmark, guideline, stationery and packaging.



Project/ Brightmaison is a new brand in New York which focuses on organizational space-saving solutions. I have created their branding which includes the wordmark, guideline, a custom typeface, website, social media posts and packaging. The solid characters of the wordmark and the typeface represent boxes or organisational products that contain other objects. This feature is also emphasized in advertisements where toys or clutter in general are contained within the boxes of Brightmaison. The tagline "More play, less clutter" tries to communicate that parents will save time for tidying up, that's why they will have more time to actually play with their kids.

Keywords/ Branding, advertising, organisation, digital, print, typeface design, energetic, fun, playful, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator