Studio Somon




I am an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and 3D designer. 

My services include branding, packaging, digital and advertising for a diverse range of clientele. Over the years, I had the privilege to work for startups, small businesses, worldwide premier brands and Fortune 500 companies. I have a passion for graphic design. I studied architecture at the university and this gave me a good foundation on design principles and systematic thinking. It taught me the scientific rigor and logical thinking in design projects.  

Switching to graphic design was natural for me, I never had a second thought about it. I was constantly inspired by artists and designers. As I learned more about layouts, typography, image-making, design-thinking, I got more hooked and obsessed with design. Learning and improving my skills is a never ending endeavor for me. Whether as a freelancer, or part of a studio, I always try to understand the client's needs and struggles so that I can be more helpful and create something  more innovative. My design process is always collaborative between my team and the client. Over the years, I have experienced that great design comes from a great team coupled with an amazing client.

I love to collect design and art books, go to museums and movies. I am also a supporter of animal welfare, donating regularly to organizations like WPA and HSI.


Canon, Toyota, GSK, Columbia, TD Bank, Converse, Texas Instruments, Arcelik, Grundig, Carrefour, Diageo, Efes, Philips, Whipdata, Brightmaison, Empire, TFN Realty, Loop Media, Opet, Petrol Ofisi, YKM, Soyak, Turkcell,, Tofas, Ten Lingerie,, Kanyon, Villeroy & Boch, Beko