My name is Burak. I am an art director and designer originally from Istanbul and living in Toronto. I studied architecture at the university in Cyprus. After practicing it for a couple of years, I gradually switched to graphics design.

I had the privilege to work at amazing companies, startups and agencies with very talented and fun people. I have learned so much about design and business while working for many types of companies big and small, in very different sectors, from all around the world. Over the years, I have created many different types of designs, both branding and digital. My other specialty is 3D design and I am capable of creating 3D mockups and other designs using industry standard software like Rhino, Keyshot and Modo. When I don't know something and the job requires that, I simply learn it on the go. My hobbies are design, art and illustration. I also enjoy movies, books, good restaurants, museums and walking in the city. I love all animals and regularly support World Animal Protection

You can contact me at and call me at 647 806 88 15.


Canon, Toyota, GSK, Columbia, TD Bank, Converse, Texas Instruments, Arcelik, Grundig, Carrefour, Diageo, Efes, Philips, Whipdata, Brightmaison, Empire, TFN Realty, Loop Media, Opet, Petrol Ofisi, YKM, Soyak, Turkcell,, Tofas, Ten Lingerie,, Kanyon.